Welcome back

Hey there Maggie Rose readers! Thanks for being patient with my long radio silence. I ended up taking an actual break over Thanksgiving (gasp!) and it was so refreshing. Only now of course I have some work to catch up on!

We enjoyed a great dinner at Ryan's mom's on Thursday and did not hit the shopping malls on Friday. Instead we headed home, had a sushi lunch (my fave place by where I used to live and they recognized me!), and spent the evening cleaning and relaxing. Over the weekend we were mostly homebodies but got some cleaning done and the tree up, and ventured out to see the Muppet movie at the big screen old-school Cinerama theater. Ryan loves the Muppets and I love a musical, so it was great fun - by far my favorite scene was the chickens singing Cee Lo Green's "F--- You" in only clucks and ba-caws. Decked out in sequins under disco lights no less.

I'm trying to learn my best balance for blogging in the weeks coming up. The hectic holiday season and even after... I'm constantly torn between wanting to write more (and sometimes having the content to do so) and then either needing or wanting to spend my working hours on other activities or just not having anything to say that day. I know I'm disappointed when some of my favorite bloggers don't post everyday, but that's often because they have so many interesting things they're doing that the content is great when they come back. In the next six weeks or so (hello 2012!) I hope to figure out a manageable posting schedule that keeps the info and inspiration flowing but doesn't put me on the crazy train. Fingers crossed!

That doesn't mean I don't have things planned... we have a giveaway in a couple weeks, my blogiversary coming up, some gift guides in the works, and (if I remember to take pictures) our holiday party. Stay tuned.

Did you have a good Thanksgiving break? Any scores on Black Friday? Anyone still eating leftovers?

Photo by me and my iPhone during a little beach walk a few weeks ago. Fall in the Northwest!