Bachelor Pad: Curtains

I was cruising Z Gallerie the other day when I stumbled upon this great deal - the curtains above are just under $35 per panel. I've been having trouble finding a pattern that added some femininity to the massive brown sofa but didn't turn "girly" and combined with the price, these seemed too good to be true! A few emails back and forth and our bachelor purchased a pair. I can't wait to see them go in. We're now officially doing a gray and red color palette in the bedroom and a green, brown, and blue palette in the living room. Still finding the perfect thing to bring a pop to the kitchen though.

Progress will be slow over the holidays, but hopefully Matt gets some gift cards to CB2 for Christmas because he needs to order a pair of these:

Can't wait for 2012 because I'm ready to hit the ground running on this project!