2012 design predictions

Since taking a look back at 2011, I've been thinking a lot about what's going to be hot in 2012 in terms of interior design. Besides some of the lingering trends, here's what I think is up and coming...  

1. Tassels. I've notices these fun little embellishments just popping up in the last six weeks or so, and I think they're poised to make a big comeback in both fashion and interiors. I love using one on a lock or handle like this one, or slung around the neck of a ginger jar lamp. Pick one up at the fabric store near the upholstery doodads and curtain tiebacks.


2. Flamestitch. This incredible Mary McDonald interior (via Coco+Kelley) is just the beginning. Flamestitch is a great cross between chevron and ikat. I love it in upholstery for a what's-old-feels-new kind of way.


3. Gingham. It's been popular in fashion and I think we'll see more and more of it used in interiors in 2012. It brings a lovely mix of tradition, prep, and country - and depending on the shade, can be totally gender neutral. Use it in excess... a little puddling makes this look luxurious instead of quaint. Isn't this blue yummy?


4. Non-dining table. This is a trend for large spaces, but gone are the days of stuffing a living room with upholstered seating only. If you have space for a table and chairs, add one for book storage, playing games, extra seating, and a great place to display three dimensional art. I'd love a round of backgammon in this room from Elle Decor.


So that is what I'm calling out as trends we'll be seeing lots of in 2012. Do you have any predictions to share?