2012 New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year! Sharing some of my New Year Resolutions today - I've always made a huge list of resolutions and hope to finish a couple. Last year my major resolution was to leave my job and start my business. Check! But exercising and reading more? Didn't quite get that far, so they're carrying over.

1. Exercise and eat healthy, but not in a crazy diet kind of way. While I do plan to lose weight this way, it's also about making careful lifestyle shifts so that the changes I make can be maintained for the longterm. Regular exercise, hopefully by finding something I like doing, and eating more veggies and less fat and sugar. And then, buy new clothes!

2. Grow the business and constantly look for ways to improve. I have a lot of projects in the works for the new year and a few ideas to explore more. Part of growing the business though will be refocusing my time toward marketing, networking, and designing, and less time on blogging. You'll still see me here multiple times a week, but maybe not everyday. The upside is that the content will be better and fresher, along with a new series or two that will debut next week.

3. Spend time on hobbies. I love reading, and I want to learn more about photography and painting. For a long time decorating has been my hobby, but now that it's my (really fun!) job, I need other ways to unwind. Exercise will be a start, but I also want to explore other creative outlets. My sister got me a little watercolor kit for Christmas and I've already started playing with that. Maybe I'll even start or join a book club!

4. Explore the city. Ryan and I have a huge list of things we want to check out or try in Seattle but we never get around to it. I've lived within city limits for over two years now and yet I'm still clueless to most of the awesome things here. We got an Entertainment coupon book from Ry's dad this year and we're looking forward to visiting a ton of museums thanks to the deals there.

5. Take more chances. I took a lot in 2011. Let's keep up that momentum!


Those are my big ones this year, now I just need a solid plan for accomplishing each of them ;) What are your resolutions or goals this year? I'd love to hear them!

Image from Kate Spade.