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Celebrating the New Year with bubbles


Did you have a happy New Year? We celebrated at home (our apartment has a great view of the Space Needle fireworks show!) and stayed pretty low key. Thankfully it was a little more festive because I received a sample of [yellow tail] bubbles sparkling wine to try!


It was yummy - very light and somewhat sweet without making me sick to my stomach. Sure, it's no Veuve, but for about $40 less, I think it's worth the trade off. Best part? The top is a fancy screw-off, so I didn't have to wait for Ryan's help. Plus, it's resealable and designed to keep the bubbles going so you can have mimosas on New Year's Day. Win win.


Then I mixed up a little champagne cocktail with another sample they sent and it was delish. Here's the recipe:


Chambord & Champagne 1/2 oz Chambord Champagne

Add Chambord to bottom of flute glass and top with champagne.
It's seriously that easy. And it has the best black cherry flavor with a little zing from the bubbles. Very grown-up Shirley Temple.
I hope you had a great weekend with lots of celebrating, goal setting and just maybe some hangover food on Sunday? If you missed my resolutions on Friday, read 'em here! Cheers to 2012!