Apartment, um, "progress"

Even though I'm now lucky enough to work as a professional decorator, I still struggle with decorating my own place. It's probably the hardest project ever, and I'm constantly working on it. I think it has something to do with being surrounded by images of beautiful interiors and browsing amazing products every. single. day.  There is always something beautiful catching my eye and making me second guess my loose design plans, especially when we're trying to save up for each piece so progress is slow anyway. I know I haven't shared any progress pictures in a long time (just the holiday decorations about a month ago) and that's because there hasn't been a whole ton of action happening. But several pieces are about to fall into place all at once and I'm starting to think of which pretty little online publication should feature it when we wrap up (likely late next summer). Rue, Lonny, Matchbook, anyone.... anyone... Bueller?

Here's my running list for our 700 sq ft apartment (who would think that such a little place would need so much work?):

1. New living room rug (current is moving to bedroom)

2. Buy dining chairs

3. Buy desk chair

4. Build shelves for over tv

5. Complete Billy bookshelf DIY

6. Mirror for over the bar

7. Buy, frame, and hang art wall.

8. Living room curtains

9. Kitchen window shade

10. Additional lighting in kitchen

11. Plate wall in kitchen.

12. Kitchen rug?

13. Hallway runner

14. Hallway bookshelf DIY (we moved the table out and in its place is a four-shelf bookshelf)

15. Bath accessorizing

16. New bed - mattress arrives next week!

17. Buy headboard (I'm being a flip flopper here and can't make up my mind)

18. Buy file cabinet

19. Buy new laundry hamper

20. Buy linen chest

21. Choose new bedding

22. Choose fabric and make window seat cushion

23. Have roman shade made (choose fabric)

24. Throw cushions for bedroom and living room.

25. Art for above dresser

26. Additional seating in living room (we're selling the blue and white chairs)

27. Buy a new sofa (we've sprouted a nice rip in one of the 10 year old cushions...)


Whew. That's still a lot of stuff to do! And did you see that string of "buy buy buy buy buy" up there? Ouch.

In the meantime, I just got the Instagram app. If you feel like seeing my random snapshots throughout the day, please follow me there (lots of antiques, cats, and cups of coffee, I'm predicting). My name there is MaggieMorgan. Pretty tricky, I know. One of my first snaps is above (we got a new tray from West Elm for the bar).

Happy Monday!