Get to know: Design Darling

Bringing back my Getting to Know you series with a few lovely ladies, starting with my fellow design-obsessed redhead, Miss Mackenzie of Design Darling! I'd read DD a few times but really got to know Mackenzie better when she emailed me a few months ago and we chatted about her new business. Mackenzie has written for Rue and Matchbook magazines and updates her own charming blog daily. So excited for her boutique launch and can't wait to see what she's been working so hard on. She really is a darling and I think you'll just love her!

How long have you been blogging and what do you love about it?
I started Design Darling in November 2009, although it took me a few months to find my voice and hone my aesthetic. I love blogging because it’s introduced me to so many incredible people, several of whom I now count among my dearest friends!
You recently graduated from college, got your first job, then decided to quit and start your own business! Whew! Tell us about that!
This was definitely the year of learning to follow my heart! I’ve always wanted to be my own boss and I’m happy that I wasted no more than six months after graduation to make that happen. It’s way too easy to become complacent in a job that leaves you feeling unfulfilled — life is too short not to try to turn things around!
What is your new business, exactly?
I’m launching an e-commerce boutique to sell accessories and decor! I wanted to tailor the product assortment to girls like me: classically-inclined twenty-somethings eager to decorate their first apartment or dress up for date night without spending a fortune. I hope opening an online boutique where young women can shop for the things they love — jewelry, paper, pillows, etc. — all in one place will fill a real void in that market.
You have an interesting "bucket list" of sorts... can you tell us about that?
Yes! I started a list of 101 things I’d like to accomplish in the next 1001 days (2.75 years). To me, it’s the happy medium between a to do list and a bucket list — a set of attainable goals for the near future. My 101 in 1001 list covers career, family, fun, health, travel... So far it’s encouraged me to clean out my wardrobe, read the Harry Potter series, redesign my blog, and prepare a meal using ingredients from the farmers’ market. Not bad! :)
If you could only accomplish one more thing from your list, what would it be?
I’d really like to make progress on our family goal to see all 50 states before my youngest brother goes to college. So far we’ve visited 37 and I’d love to make that 38 by the time my list expires in September 2013!
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Living in a fabulously decorated apartment and running my own business, wherever it takes me!
If you could spend a month any place in the world right now, where would it be (if cost wasn't a factor!) and why?
I do miss spending summers on Nantucket but the truth is there’s nowhere else I’d rather be at this point in my life. I get to do something I love and spend time with my family every day. Life isn’t perfect but I’ve really never been happier!
What's your go-to outfit that makes you feel fantastic?
During the day: a navy blazer, skinny jeans, and riding boots. At night: black opaque tights and the highest heels my feet can handle!
Where are some of your favorite places to shop?
Barnes & Noble, J.Crew, Shopbop, The Container Store, and Zara.
What's next for Design Darling?
Launching the e-commerce boutique and going where the wind takes me... I have a feeling the next few years will have lots of amazing adventures in store!
All images from Design Darling.