Design Plan: My place


Think I do my design boards just for clients? Nope - even when making decisions in our own apartment it can be really helpful to see everything laid out. Above is my design concept for our living room - minus the bar area, coffee table, and TV area, which are all staying the same.

One reason I feel that I work so well with budget clients is because I'm in the same boat myself (no one ever said being a first-year business owner was going to rake in the dough!). I too want quality products but I have to save up for each one or find creative solutions to get the same look... hopefully with the easiest DIY possible (I'm soooo losing steam on the DIY front - I'd just rather spend the extra money and save the stress for something else). Gathering my "vision" for the room early on can be a good way to steer clear of impulse purchases and quick fixes that only end up being a waste of money when it doesn't work with the design or I end up hating it six months later.

And this is a good tool for me in combining my style with Ryan's - I don't have the luxury of total free-reign over our interior design and we have similar but still quite different taste (like many couples!). So mapping it out lets me see if our styles are both represented and playing nicely together. I think this room may need a chandelier but other than that we're on the right track!

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