It's here! Design Demystified

Bursting with excitement today at the launch of my new ebook, Design Demystified! It is now available for sale for just $14 (coincidentally it contains 14 pages if you don't include the cover!). Over 90 tips for decorating your home, some of which you'll be able to put to action immediately and without spending another cent. You're sure to learn something, if not a lot!

Learn things that I consider when I'm decorating a room for a client. Tips are broken out into categories like Furniture, Space Planning, and Textiles so you can jump right to what's bugging you (although there are gems in each section, just my humble opinion).

After putting (not much) blood, (some) sweat, and (ahem, quite a few technology-related) tears into this project, I can't wait to share it with you. And I can't wait to hear what you think! Please share your thoughts and comments on this post or by email (

You can buy directly from the button below, or visit my Downloads page (always available on the homepage) where my first ebook baby lives as well. Design Demystified is $14 and you can pay with PayPal or any major credit card accepted by PayPal.

Thank you, thank you! Buy Now