Get to Know Jennifer Pesant

We have another Getting to Know You feature this week, the always sweet and charming Jennifer Pesant of Modern Audrey and Golightly Jewellery. I've gotten to know her through email and she is so kind and has great style! Hopefully someday we'll get to meet in person! Jennifer makes and sells jewelry that is beautiful and affordable. Here she is!
1. Tell us a little about your jewelry collections.
The collections are named after cities I love - Berlin, Venice, Victoria. I love to travel and am inspired when I do. Berlin, for it's edgy party culture, Venice for its romance and Victoria for it's playful lifestyle. I can't wait to travel more and design more.
2. What inspires your work?
Everything! Designers, style bloggers, colour... You'll notice that the pieces are all named after women. That's because each piece was inspired by a woman in my life and each piece captures a feeling or image I have of that woman - all strong, independent and beautiful. 
3. How long have you been blogging and what do you love about it?
I'm a baby blogger! It all started when I backpacked Europe in January 2010; it was a means to an end, an über-efficient way to write (which I love!), share my adventures with my friends (without mass e-mailing), and inform my worried mom of my whereabouts (and that I was alive, in general) everyday. When I came back to Canada, I continued blogging about my life, then stumbled upon fashion bloggers. Since early 2011, I've been style blogging and making my corner in the big blogging world. What I love about it is the actual writing, which is a pastime I've loved since I was a kid, and the opportunity to share my voice
4. What do you do outside of the business and blog?
At the moment, too much! I work full time as a writer and editor for the man (which pays the bills), but moonlight with Golightly, the blog and as a marketing and social media manager for a local boutique. I also write for an online style magazine, which I love. That touches all my interests, but it means I'm busy, busy. I try to be active everyday, and I love food, movies, books and spending time with my family and friends. I would also call myself a jet-setter and I am perpetually learning French..
5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Big question for me... In five years, I would love to be self-employed and/or being paid to be creative (that's scary to write!). I know I want to be a published writer, and I know I want to design - whether that be jewellery or graphic design, I'm undecided on, but I know that nothing makes me feel as fulfilled as being creative.
6. What are 3 things on your bucket list?
Well, I love to travel, so my bucket list is on the travel-heavy side. I just returned from New Zealand, which is my favourite place on earth. I would love to go back. I would love to be a paid, published writer (I've learned that being published doesn't always mean being paid!) - a novel is on my list of things to do, but I would love to write for style or travel magazines. And, be fluent in French.
7. If you could spend a month right now anywhere in the world (cost not an issue), where would it be and why?
New Zealand or Europe. I know, I know, "Europe" is a little general, but I loved every country I backpacked. France for its romance and charm would be No. 1... probably at a vineyard in the South of France. Not too far from a bakery, of course. However, New Zealand for its laid-back lifestyle, the friendly Kiwis, the indescribable views, the outdoors, the food, the wine, the Kiwi accents... ;)
8. I know you adore her... what is your favorite Audrey Hepburn film?
How To Steal A Million. It is the original romantic comedy, the wardrobe is beautiful, the storyline divine, and Peter O'Toole is oh-so handsome. I loved Funny Face as a kid (I'm a sucker for musicals), and I still think Charade is a thrill - and the best of Givenchy! 
9. What's your go-to outfit for feeling fabulous?
I love the classics - a crisp shirt and a flattering pair of jeans always works for me. I think they're comfortable and sexy at the same time, and I feel myself in them. I love to wear a blazer and heels for instant confidence, but a pair of classic ballet flats is very Audrey and timeless. When all else fails (i.e. "fat" days), a simple jersey dress. It's always feminine, always flattering, and always easy. Then, accessories.
10. Any words of advice for anyone wanting to start a product-based business?
I'm still learning, but the one thing I know for sure: network and market. Don't network in an artificial, first-to-the-top-wins way, but in a genuine, I-love-what-I'm-doing way. If you love what another blogger or business is doing, connect with her, see the possibilities and turn them into realities. Success doesn't happen in the blink of an eye and it doesn't happen as a one woman show; it takes time and it takes the support of others. Nurture that. And, yes, market. Product and marketing are best friends; build your brand and awareness. Above all, never quit.