Bachelor Pad update!

I've been woefully quiet about the Bachelor Pad project for some time, but it's not because things haven't been happening! We've been busy emailing and shopping and strategizing and restrategizing... (since the Bachelor is on a budget, some of my initial ideas get swapped around until we find something a little more affordable - or we end up working with what we can find on Craigslist, Overstock, or the thrift store.) So while we've been very active, I hadn't actually been over there for at least two months. Popped in this weekend after hitting up some antique stores and spent a few hours hanging/hemming curtains, putting in a floating shelf, moving some things around, and mentally making a checklist of all that needs to be finished. We are getting SO close!

And as it all comes together, it's looking awesome enough that I not only want to have it shot for my portfolio, but I want to shop it to some of the online magazines... so I can't share BIG pictures but I did snap pics of the new lamps we bought.

Lamp #1, leather with a marroon pleated shade.


Lamp #2, brass reading lamp. In serious love with this one.


We got them in Fremont at Deluxe Junk (there was a killer pair of brass table lamps with chinoiserie etching for $50(!) that we passed on, still sad but I don't need them). They came out to like $115 together but they did both for $100. Super nice.

So what's left to do?

1. Hang other set of bedroom curtains & hem.

2. Dresser/nightstand painted.

3. Finish hanging art.

4. Accessories for bar and entry table.

5. Throw pillows for living room.

6. Coffee table purchased (have it all picked out!)

7. Refinish a mirror and hang (got it at Goodwill for $20 and it's HUGE).

8. Purchase/Hang art in kitchen

9. Window treatment for kitchen.

10. Buy remaining plants (fig tree and air plants!)


That's it! We're in the home stretch.