DIY No Sew Table Skirt

We bought this little console table in November of 2010 with the intention of skirting it and using it in our dining room (in the old apartment). And while this isn't even the very beginning of this story (we're talking months of hunting down a table that wasn't too wide and that wasn't "too nice" to immediately put fabric on it), it's the first step I have a photo of.

It was from Target (online only product) and is unfinished wood and still cost me about $100. And wouldn't you know it, I didn't like the size of it in the dining room after all. Instead of returning it, we swapped it into our entry and put the entry table that didn't need a skirt in the dining room. The simple solution at this point would have been to use the fabric I'd already purchased to skirt the table - but it had been purchased with the dining room design in mind, and I still wanted to use it in there. And so, the table was used unadorned, for these last 15 months. Sure, I ordered swatches a few times, and even full yards, but then I was short (just barely!) to complete the project, and wouldn't you know it was sold out when I tried to order another yard. Another fabric option so perfectly blended into the wall that I decided we should paint the hallway JUST so that I could finish this damn table - but that didn't go well. And then we moved.

Now in our new apartment, here's where you saw it last:


Nothing to write home about.

Last month I'd ordered a ton of swatches from for the Bachelor Pad - we were looking for something inexpensive because we needed a ton of yardage. One of the swatches was a stone gray linen. I suddenly thought of the hall table. I also had a bit of vintage ribbon that I purchased for another project that I never got around to (seeing a theme here?). They looked amazing together. Having learned from my last mistake, I ordered 3 yards of the linen - I do have a little left over, but not much. It got here on Monday, and by golly I started and finished the whole damn thing on Tuesday. I'm pretty proud of myself, because these DIYs can (obviously) take me months.

I won't do a detailed tutorial (I followed this one from Jenny at Little Green Notebook on about half of it and played around with the fabric until I liked it for the other half), but I'll share pictures. If you want to follow this method (NO SEWING! Hallelujah!), I cut a panel for each short side (with an extra inch on the sides and bottom for hemming plus a few inches taller than the table for stapling), a ten-inch wide strip for the corners (same height as the sides) and one long piece that water-falls from the floor in front of the table all the way over the top and down the back - cut to the exact width of the table plus an inch on each side and bottom for hemming.

I used iron-on hemming tape, which took a little fussing with the corners.


Because the table itself isn't valuable, I felt most comfortable using staples to attach the corners and sides, fussing with the bottom hem until it just skimmed the floor, then stapling into place. Corners first, then sides!



After the sides and corners were in place, I hemmed the sides and bottom of the large front/top/back piece and draped it over the top (where it hides all the staples). I fussed with the front, then glued it into place with a hot glue gun (fabric glue would work too, but I was out). I glued the top sides first, then flipped up the front and back and glued the edges.

Then it was time for ribbon. So pretty.


So very pretty.


I eyeballed it, but it's glued on about an inch from the hem.

And, voila!



And finally a little before-and-after?


I think it's love. Well, it's a Valentine's Day Miracle, if nothing else.

WHEW, that was a lot of pictures. What do you think? Any questions I can help answer? Let me know!

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