Happy Monday! I'm busy prepping for tonight - I'm teaching a fab group of ladies how to style their bookshelves at a little party we're calling Decor 101. I kind of hate speaking in public so I'm also now questioning my sanity in not only agreeing to do it but also dreaming it up! But it should be fun and I'll try to snap some pictures to share tomorrow unless it's too dark to take good pictures.

But I was a busy bee this weekend! I shared more Seattle antiquing tips on Apartment 34! This time we're at Deluxe Junk, where I found those lamps for the Bachelor Pad (and the photo above was taken there but didn't make the final cut down to four shots - many many thanks to my lovely photographer, Yvonne Wong). Read it here.

And I finished up my latest Houzz Ideabook and it's stuffed full of accent chairs! I'll take one of each, please! See it here.

Ok, off to work on my notes. Any "public" speaking tips when it's to a group of 10?