New Custom Headboards

Yes, I'm STILL looking for a headboard for our bedroom. I even hopped back on the "I can DIY" bandwagon for a while, but am (once again) reconsidering. In the meanwhile, I have some other spending priorities, so plenty of time to continue to gather options before I make a decision. I noticed on facebook today that Z Gallerie is offering new custom headboards. Priced at $449-$599, they are on the middle-to-low scale of prices for similar products I've been looking at. .

I like the Grace, the Francesca, and the Kate. My only gripe? The fabrics don't seem to be interchangeable between all styles. However, I do like the combinations they offer.

Any favorites out of this group? Or are there other headboard options that you've seen out there that I must know about? I'm open to all options at this point!

All photos from the Z Gallerie facebook page.