Shelving is up!

We're crossing projects off our living room list left and right lately (the best feeling!). Of course I keep thinking of how far we have yet to go, but I love seeing my vision come to life. On Sunday Ryan hung the wall shelves I wanted over the TV. Not only does it allow for a little more styling of our existing bookshelf (displacing some of the books we had crammed on there), but also is a styling opportunity in its own right!


We picked up two plain Hemnes wall shelves at Ikea, and grabbed metal brackets at Lowes. The brackets were originally white but I spray painted them gold... now they tie into the ring pulls on the TV console.

Then Ryan left for work Monday morning and I pulled out some of my favorite styling props and started arranging.


A mix of books, art, and decorative objects mingle nicely.

And my beloved alabaster horsehead bookends have a new home!


A little styling tip: Create a triangle shape by having the center objects be the highest point of the arrangement. And layer a few pieces for more depth.

For a refresher, here's what the TV area looked like before shelves:


I like that the shelves distract from the TV and provide some balance (it's not as heavy down low). I did move items from the top of the speakers and am looking for something that isn't as big or eye catching (maybe marble busts? Thoughts?). The painting has temporarily been relocated exactly opposite, above the sofa. The globe  is in storage, and the plant has found a new happy home on the bar.

And a final look at the new arrangement:


I love it! Even before they were styled I told Ryan about six times, "Those look GOOD." Haha. What do you think?