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I'm loving


Time for another round-up of some of the lovelies around the web that have caught my eye! Will I spring for them? Well, I DO need an iPhone case...

1. Topiary $58: I've been wanting a pair of topiaries in our living room somewhere, and these are from Mackenzie's newly opened Design Darling boutique! It's hard to find topiaries with simple holders - many are very overly decorated pots. This one is perfect.

2. Dress $48: Yes, those are tiny kitties in the print. Are you saying I'm some kind of crazy cat lady? I don't think my Instagram should be used as evidence in this case...

3. Painting $125: I probably send a link to this Meg Biram painting to Ryan once a week. I want it SO BAD but we're keeping our spending in check until taxes are settled. It's so pretty. Why yes, my birthday IS coming up, why do you ask?

4. Pillow $85: For my future (very future) daughter's room. Until then I'll keep it on the sofa for admiring safekeeping. From Amber's new pillow shop!

5. iPhone case $35: Honestly, I don't know why I haven't purchased this yet.

6. Notebook $8: Love Poppin products. I have this notebook in red and use it as my journal, but I want a whole rainbow of them. Starting with this sweet pink.


Have a favorite? What are YOU loving lately?