Yesterday I had to drop Ryan off at work down near the stadiums and since I was in the neighborhood, I decided to spend some time checking out the newest goodies at the Pacific Galleries Antique Mall (possibly my favorite place in Seattle). It's been about 7 or 8 weeks since I've been. Much too long! First up I found these French linens with my monogram! But for $130 and no use for them, I had to pass them by.


In the same booth, I fell for this set of three watercolors of scenes of Paris. Beautifully done but sadly out of my price range (most of the things in this booth were!)


Loved the crewelwork upholstery on this bench. Didn't catch a price.


This folding screen blew me away! Magical. And honestly, a pretty reasonable price (yes, it's a lot of money, but it's a LOT of screen).


I considered getting this brass and wooden box. It was only $35 and about a foot wide. It was pretty awesome, but I guess I was having doubts cause I talked myself out of it. I even had Ryan's text-message approval!


I thought this light would be awesome in the Bachelor Pad but it was a little pricey ($150 I think?)


I was shopping specifically for a little tray for the Bachelor's keys and wallet. This was one that caught my eye for $26 but it was a little damaged and I didn't love it.


Little brass legged table (unmarked) and lotus pendant for $400 I think. This booth always has amazing pieces. Last October they had a Chesterfield sofa for $500! Why I didn't snatch it up is beyond me.


I stopped to consider how mad Ryan would be if I dropped $1400 on this lucite table and chair combo (table was $750, chairs were $650 for the set). It was pretty amazing.


I saw this little set the last time I was here, which is CRAZY because the price is insanely good and I would buy them in a heartbeat if we had space for them. $450 for this brass drum table and four matching stools.


So that's what I spotted yesterday. Plus about a million other things (and I didn't even go into the big warehouse room with the super expensive stuff). Anything you would have taken home? Man, I really wish I had room for that brass drum table.