New drapery

I still need to hem up the curtain on the right which is why it's hanging funny and why the bottom of it isn't pictured, but I was so excited to share our latest living room project that I took photos anyway!


Note: I'm still looking for dining chairs and/or saving up for the ones I really want if nothing else comes along. So we've had a weird parade of different random chairs coming and going.


And remember the tray I made for my friend Laura? I made my own with a scrap of curtain fabric. We're having pillows made too (thanks Brianne!). The tray is sitting on the glass coffee table, which is why it looks kind of weirdly floating.


Not to worry though, we're bringing in other patterns and textiles and color too (though the room will be mostly blues, grays and blacks). I have a few tricks up my sleeve still. Remember this post? I'm still mostly following the plan (obviously some of our ideal items are a bit out of our price range, like the Thomas O'Brien bookshelf and the desk chair, so we're coming up with affordable variations).

We also rearranged the bedroom but I haven't gotten a photo yet. Mostly cause there is a mountain of laundry that is currently in every angle... Soon, my dears. Soon.