Let's get real


Ok friends,

I'm having a bit of a conundrum... Blogging the last few weeks has been kind of a drag. I mean, I've loved sharing snippets of our apartment projects with you (slowly but surely!) but there have been many times I've wanted to blog something but didn't feel like I "should" or that I've put the pressure on to come up with the "perfect" blog post. I realize that it's my own attitude that is creating this tug-of-war in my head, but it's still getting me down.

When I started the blog a little over three years ago, it was to document and share ideas about interiors, entertaining, fashion... just about everything. Then when I moved in with Ryan it became more focused on decorating our own house and DIY projects (I don't consider myself a very good DIY blogger by the way - I'd much rather just buy something!). Then I was able to turn the decorating gigs I'd gotten from the blog into a legitimate business last summer and suddenly THE PRESSURE WAS ON. I've felt that now that the blog is a (large) part of my business that it had to turn into a business-based blog. It had to be "professional" - granted, professional in a relaxed way, but I started worrying about sharing anything too personal. It felt weird about talking about the business itself, and posts about fashion or just whatever the heck is going on in my life seemed to be off-topic and I worried about turning away readers who come for the interiors. Add in the recent weirdness of possibly violating copyright by using "inspirational" photos and it has started to lose the fun side of why I was doing this in the first place.

I'm tired of all of that. I started blogging because it was FUN and I want it to keep being fun. Before it became part of my job it was my hobby! Now that decorating (my other hobby) is my job I kind of want to reclaim my blog as a more PERSONAL blog. Yes, still about decorating most of the time (let's be honest, decorating is on my mind almost constantly) but also give myself the freedom to post pictures of a day spent out and about in the city, or a recipe that we tried, or talk about my recent kick to get in shape (finally shedding the college pounds, yo), or whatever.

I'm working behind the scenes right now on a major overhaul of the business, really defining how I want to spend my time and what's exciting to me in the world of interior design. And that too will in part shape the kinds of posts I'm doing here. But I don't want it just to be reactionary, I want to shift the feel of the blog purposefully and for its own sake. I probably could have just done this without pointing it out in a post, but I want you to know where I'm coming from.

What does that mean you'll see here? Continued posts about our apartment, more posts about life in Seattle (that doesn't involve interiors!), some fashion stuff (this was another passion of mine that's kind of taken a backseat the last few years), more personal stuff, maybe some wedding stuff, probably some business related topics, and of course, posts about what is inspiring me in the interior design field. Basically whatever is on my mind.

Thanks for understanding and sticking with me on this blogging journey. It's time to shift beyond the "professional" design blog here on Maggie Rose. Yes, I am more than just a decorator and interested in more than just interiors. So let's get to know each other a little better, shall we?


Photo is from earlier this week. We got new pillows thanks to my friend Brianne. See more here.