Happy Monday!

First of all, thank you to all of you who commented on Friday's post about wanting to ease up on the "formal" feeling of the blog and get back to more personal posts. There will still be PLENTY of decorating posts but if I go off on a fashion tangent or cleaning or whatever I won't feel so awkward! We had a wonderful and quiet weekend. I actually took Friday off for the most part to visit with my friend and go shopping downtown. So many cute spring dresses right now! I resisted though and didn't buy anything. Soon....

We also took advantage of our first really "warm" day (well, it wasn't COLD) and hiked up Queen Anne hill from our Uptown apartment and got Molly Moon's ice cream (I had Thai tea flavor, Ryan had coffee flavor). We made it back to the park before the sun finished setting.

There were only about a million people there with their cameras and tripods (see Mt. Rainier there to the right of the Space Needle? It's the white fuzzy shadow that my phone didn't capture TOO well. But when it "comes out" as we say here, everyone takes notice, even jaded locals).

Sunday we did a little cleaning but then decided to take advantage of the last sunny day for the next week or so by heading over to University Village (an outdoor mall) and grabbing coffee and shopping at Storables. I get so giddy at organizing stores. I actually considered being a professional organizer for a little while - it's still something I love to help decorating clients with (especially kitchen and office organization!). We decided to pass on our original plan to get a file cabinet (too cheap looking and not cheap cost-wise) and just got a little fridge tray - I'll do a post on how we organize our kitchen coming up. It is TINY and I'm sure many of you can relate. Then we headed home for dinner, meal planning for the week and a few episodes of Parks and Recreation (my favorite comedy of the moment).

What did you do this weekend? Mine was a little light on decorating but it was nice to take a break (I even took a pinterest break except for one time when I slipped and opened it on my phone....). Makes coming back on Monday a little more exciting :)