Reading Room

I felt like working on something just for fun last night (apparently my actual looming deadlines aren't enough fun) so I asked Ryan what kind of room I should pull together. He said "a reading room" and while the following result isn't exactly, um, masculine, this one's for you, honey! I started with a bookshelf, then added the pink chairs and pink lamps. I debated using a charcoal chair but the pink was just so much fun. My favorite library spaces have big round tables perfect for stacking books and flipping through pages, so I added a dining size table. And of course you need a spot to perch a cup of tea, and the little Oomph table paired so sweetly with the sconces that I couldn't resist. A little soft fuzzy Moroccan rug underfoot was necessary and helps temper the cuteness of the more delicate pieces. I used this chandelier again (it's becoming a favorite) and the final bit of inspiration was a jade green wall - perfect for a cozy rainy day spent in the reading room, don't you think? (Click on the image to view sources.)

I'm ready to move right in, how about you?