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Easter Brainstorming


We're hosting a small Easter dinner again this year (this time it's just my parents) and though Ryan is the real cook around here, I do have fun helping choose the menu and picturing how it will all look in the serving pieces we own. And since desserts are more my domain, I like choosing a special cake or pie... especially this year because my dad's sweet tooth is just as pronounced as my own! But sweet flavor aside, what caught my eye this year was Eddie Ross's ombre cake (complete with basket weave frosting and amazing flatware).



The cake is made with regular box mix and food coloring, split into six layers each tinted slightly darker than the last. Seems easy enough, except for the fact that I only have two cake pans...



The effect is similar to the rainbow cakes I've seen around, only with a slightly more sophisticated take. In fact, it reminds me of the party decorations at my little shindig last summer when I celebrated leaving my day job...



Or I may just stick with the familiar and make this Triple Layer Lemon cake that I made for Easter last year:


It was pretty dang good...

What do you think, loves? Or do you have another dessert idea altogether to throw into the mix?