Friday Five Faves

I'm introducing a new little series called Friday Five Faves. Just to share five of my favorite things in a certain topic (like bands, foods, or travel locations). Kicking off with my Five Fave TV shows! I'm not a big TV girl, but since they started putting shows on DVD and now on Netflix and Hulu, I have enjoyed catching up with shows that I missed the first time around, or even trailing along behind actual airing. We almost never actually watch shows in real-time (even the shows that are still airing new episodes we watch on Hulu or buy on iTunes and stream to our TV with the Apple TV I got for Ryan's birthday last year). Here's what you can usually find me watching these days...

1. Parks and Recreation: Some of the last few episodes had Ryan and I with tears from laughing so hard. I strongly identify with Leslie Knope (why am I admitting this on the internet?) and Ben is a)super cute, b)a good dresser, and c)hardcore nerd... all of which I appreciate in a man.

2. Gilmore Girls: I didn't watch this at all until it was off the air, despite the fact that Rory and I are the same "age" according to when she graduated high school and college. Love these girls and own all seven seasons (true fans will know that the seventh season PAINS me, it's so terrible after the original writers left). I'm also pro Rory+Jess!

3. Downton Abbey: A more recent obsession, this takes the cake for actually appealing to Ryan even while being a period drama where the major conflict is who Lady Mary will marry. He was bored to tears just reading that sentence... but I convinced him to watch like two episodes and now he's HOOKED (and all his friends watch it too!).

4. The X Files: Just the theme song for this show used to give me the creeps (I think I watched one episode as a kid and that was not a good decision). But Ryan and I are working our way through the series and we're about to finish season five and watch the movie next. It's just so GOOD. Young David Duchovny was hot! And I love how Scully says, "Mulder!" when she's annoyed with him. Now the theme song just gets me excited to see what happens next (the theme song for "Unsolved Mysteries" is another story).

5. Northern Exposure: I remember my parents watching this show, but I didn't watch it until a couple of years ago (and then rented and watched the whole thing). It's just quirky and good (plus town radio dj is a philosophical Chris in the Morning played by a sexy pre-Aidan John Corbett). Again, the last season gets weird... producers: learn when to say "when" please!


So what do you think of the new series? Any requests for future fave fives? And... what's your favorite TV show?