Three ways to wear a jacket

I was pretty excited when I saw Michelle post an outfit with her safari-style anorak jacket two weeks ago, and I quickly ordered my own. It's been one of those items that's been on my "should purchase" list but when I'd see them in stores they were too heavy or too beige or too bulky with pockets. And I wanted a piece that would layer over my spring pieces (or even on a rainy Seattle summer day) without adding a lot of visual bulk or be too hot that I'd want to remove it immediately indoors. Didn't hurt that this one was Forever 21 and was under $35. I'll spare you the onslaught of the crazy fashion show that occurred when my new jacket arrived, but I did learn a few things quickly and thought I'd share in case you're thinking of getting a similar piece (or already have one and are stumped on how to style it). Yep, the jacket below is the one I bought (my pink dress, however, was not $2900).

Anorak 3 Ways

Tip #1: This olive green color pairs really well with oranges, pinks, corals, reds, and white. Not so well with any other green, and blue and yellow were tricky.

Tip #2: It really does cover quite a bit up, so instead of a patterned top, try sticking with neutrals and add a pop of pattern on your shoes. I like the idea of going super casual with the clothes but adding some edge with accessories.

Tip #3: Layer it over a dress - I bought mine specifically for this purpose, to add more versatility to a dress that was great for cocktail parties but just a SMIDGE too fancy for going out to brunch (plus cold right now with just little straps). The jacket tones it down while the dress makes the outfit still feel special.


Funny enough, I wrote a similar blog post back in 2010. My style has toned down a bit (fewer SATC marathons I guess) but many of the same principles still apply! Read it here.