Bedroom progress

I've been teasing about changes I've made to our bedroom for a few weeks but last Friday was finally sunny (and clean enough!) and I got a few pictures. You'll see that this is definitely a work in progress. We dropped a chunk of change in upgrading to a queen bed from a full just after the holidays, so the next few purchases will be a little spread out so we can save up for them. Be warned: it is by no means a "finished" room! We swapped the location of the bed and dresser, which creates a lot more walking space (though we lost that wide open area that used to be in front of the window... but we didn't exactly use it for anything and we DO walk around the bed quite a bit, so it just makes more sense). The main reason we'd been avoiding this switch is that there are no outlets on the wall that the bed is now on, hence the bedside lamps on the dresser. They may stay there, or eventually we'll run an extension. I do like having something bigger like that on the dresser though.

For reference, when we moved in...

The mirror is a little too small and bugging me, but for now it works.

As you can see, a headboard, bedskirt, rug and taller nightstands are on our shopping list (not to mention a queen size duvet to fill that cover properly)! Some of which I have picked out, just waiting for the right time... and we'll be moving the living room rug in here and getting something new for that space.

New duvet, need to choose shams because I don't like them to match... (and the cover is surprisingly camouflaging/repellant for cat hair - a miracle!)

Our view from bed - this bookshelf will also be replaced at some point with an Ikea piece that matches the dresser and has more hidden storage. I'd love to get something fancier, but since we rent I don't want to spend too much on something that we may not need in our next place.

However, our view usually looks like this anyway...

Looking the other way - laundry in the corner. I love the poster but I might switch it out for something with more blues - the whole room has way too many warm tones - though that may change when we get our gray headboard and bedskirt.

And just keeping it real, this is what the window seat currently looks like... some Goodwill stuff, a file box (hopefully upgrading our file cabinet situation SOON and moving that), and mostly clothes that need to be put away. I actually ended up liking this fabric here (from our old apartment window seat) but the cushion is too small so I'm still trying to decide if I'll get it again or go with something totally new.

And just so we don't leave with that image burned in your mind, the pretty picture again, haha :)

What do you think?