Blue and white

Yesterday I had a coffee date with one of my favorite recently-relocated Seattle girls, Elizabeth of Shock the Bourgeois. She was sweet enough to bring me two porcelain jars that I'd spotted a month ago when we were antiquing in Edmonds. I begged her to swing by and pick them up for me (it was about $35 for the two!), during which trip she actually found the smaller one and snapped it up too. I finally got them into my hands yesterday and they are lovely. Now I'm on the hunt for a third in a more traditional hourglass shape (if I can't find one for cheap second-hand, then I'll have to order online).

I tried to pull together a sampling of blue and white interiors to share with you, but wouldn't you know that I couldn't find sources to more than a couple. Annoying. So you're stuck with my little instagram picture.

The jars won't live on the table - as soon as we finish up our bookshelf DIY they'll be living on top of it (where the globes used to be). I do like that from the kitchen (pretty much the view in the picture) you can also see the green of the plant and a dash of red in our bar tray. With just a sprinkle of those on top of the blue and white (and gray and black), you pretty much have our living room color palette in a nutshell! It's starting to come together, just very slowly.

I'm all over the web this week with three guest posts, so be sure you're on facebook and twitter and don't miss my links to those. Can't wait to share them with you, they're all quite different. Have a great week!