New dining chairs

Well, I've been in an intense search for dining chairs since we moved nine months ago, but everything that I like is out of our budget (which is teensy tiny) and I haven't had much luck looking for vintage chairs. We only need (and have room for) two, and I'd find sets that I liked of four, or I'd find one really cool chair. Looking at new (and even discount sites) was still over budget and slim pickings (for my particular taste). I had my ideal picked out but I knew Ryan wasn't crazy about them and I would have had to have them reupholstered since it was a little trickier of a job than a pop-the-seat-and-staple. So I knew I wanted wooden chairs with an upholstered seat with a simple shape, possibly mid-century modern. And I wanted to spend no more than $100 per chair.

Yesterday I was on my way to Ballard for a haircut and glanced in the window of Bell'Occhio Home as I was driving by on 15th. There was a pair of bamboo chairs in the window that were a definite possibility. I made a mental note and stopped in on my way home. I've noticed this place many times before but hadn't ever popped in. I will definitely be in again!

The bamboo chairs were a bust (over double my price range EACH) but I swung through the rest of the shop and found these little beauties (ahem, POTENTIAL beauties) for $40 a pop:

Reader, I bought them.

Obviously they need some help - even though Tangerine Tango is "the" color of the moment, this orange is not pretty, and the seats are a puke brown microsuede. But I'm a little conflicted what I want to do with them. Part of me wants to strip the wood and stain it natural. But that sounds like a big pain, and it may be easiest to just paint over the orange. If I paint, I'm thinking a French gray. What would you do??? Other suggestions? Don't want to do white or black.

This is what I'm thinking for the seats:

I can't wait!