Bachelor Pad Still Going

Last Thursday I spent part of the afternoon at The Bachelor Pad wrapping up a few projects and making our final list! We even managed to squeeze in a quick trip to West Elm while our spray paint was drying. And before I left I got a few shots of where things are now... which is NOT styled and not even where things will really live, just kinda plopped in post shopping.

New pillow from West Elm!

Yes, The Bachelor and Ryan have the same print - pretty sure they went to this show together back in college.

A started project that was (for the moment) thwarted. But here's a sneak peek anyway :)

Can't wait to show you the finished product! We're finally back on track to make the final purchases and we have to regroup for two more DIY's... and then it's photo shoot time :)

Have a favorite part so far?