Friday Five Faves: Foods

There's a whole lot of alliteration happening in that title! But I'm back for a Friday Five Faves where I share five of my favorite things in a given category. Today is foods! As you can see, I cheated a little. But it's my column so I guess I make the rules!

1. It all boils down to the fact that my ultimate favorite food EVER is homemade baked-in-the-oven mac and cheese (I'll share my recipe sometime). But as I tried to think of other favorite foods, starches smothered in cheese seemed to be a recurring theme (pizza, lasagna, cheese and crackers etc). So we're sticking with starches and cheeses as my official answer. Healthy, I know. Mmmm.

2. Sushi, not pictured. My roll of choice is the Rainbow Roll - a California roll topped with slices of different fish and usually avocado. It's a great way to get a nibble of different fishes. I also like a good shrimp tempura roll and a fatty tuna sashimi.

3. Pad Thai is one of my absolute favorite foods. I get it with fried tofu (I eat meat though, just not on this), and sometimes a side of peanut sauce. Thai is one of the only foods we go out for regularly, though I almost  always order the same thing since that's what I'm craving when we go. On a spicy scale of 1-5 stars I'm usually a 3, sometimes a 4. Although once I ordered a 3 and found out after an intense meal that their scale was 1-3. Oops.

4. Chocolate in general gets its own spot... Although I'm not AS crazy about it as I once was. But sometimes all that hits the spot is a gooey chocolate chip cookie or decadent piece of cake, am I right? I'm known to mix up some chocolate milk in a pinch. I have a serious sweet tooth.

5. Pho is a recently discovered favorite food. We had never tried it until Ryan went out with some coworkers for lunch and came home raving. It's now our go-to for when it's cold and rainy out, when one of us is getting a cold, or after a night of one-to-many-martinis (which is martini #2 if you must know). It's a miracle food. I get it with steak and add plenty of sauce, a couple drops of hot sauce and absolutely NO cilantro.

Well now that I'm drooling I have to think of some where to go out for dinner this weekend! What are your favorite foods? Anything you haven't tried on my list that you might give a chance to?