Art of the month

Oops, I missed the first Thursday (yesterday) Artist of the Month post but hopefully you made it to see some free or discounted museums! If you're in Seattle, you're in luck, because THIS art exhibit is always free (except parking). Yep, we're showcasing the Olympic Sculpture Park as Artist of the Month. The Sculpture Park is in Belltown down by the water RIGHT at the end of the waterfront past the last pier. It's an extension of the Seattle Art Museum (not physically, I mean they curate it), so everything is top-notch. You can walk around, lounge on the nice green grass, head down to the benches overlooking the water and even head to a tiny pocket beach when you're all done taking in the art. But that's for another post. This is about the art.

We walked around last Saturday and had a great time. I didn't manage to write down any of the artists names, so you'll have to head there yourself. And keep an eye out for the silver one that flips and twists with the wind. That was my favorite and yet somehow I forgot to get a photo!

These were big (Ryan serves as a measuring stick here):

(Together these were Love & Loss)


And oh, look at what we got here:

Hello, Space Needle!

We're filing this away as a place to head when we want a cool breeze in the summer. Last year I think they even had morning yoga in the grass. And the park is available for special events and weddings. Hmm, can you see me saying the I-Do's under that red sculpture?

Olympic Sculpture Park: highly recommended and free! I'm so glad we got down there to check it out.