I'm Loving

My birthday is less than a week away (next Tuesday, and don't worry, I have something special in the works for that) so I've gotten a lot of recent requests for gift ideas from family and friends. And while I'm terrible at narrowing ideas down on the spot (so much I've been thinking about getting recently!) I thought I'd put all this thinking energy into a post. So this is Things I'm Loving, Birthday Edition! Also known as the post to reference when I can't decide how to spend my birthday money...

1. We need a new (comfortable!) chair at our desk and I've been thinking of this one from Crate and Barrel. Seeing them in action at Cassandra's may have secured them a place at the top of consideration.

2. The beauty of this (yes, expensive) candle is that once it's done burning, you can always keep the container because it's chic enough to display. Pens or makeup brushes look fab in it.

3. I've been loving the different uses of silk scarves lately in fashion and am dying to try them out. Reminds me of my high school days when I tied up my hair with them all the time... way ahead of my time.

4. There's something so classic about tortoiseshell, and I love this chain link necklace - I just can't decide if I want the short or long.

5. I don't usually like cheesecake, but throw in a blueberry and lemon combo and I might find them too hard to resist, like this.

6. So on my ACTUAL birthday list (what I've really been telling people) is clothing and artwork, including small pieces by this artist on Etsy.