30 before 30

Hey loves! Thanks for the kind comments on the Things I'm Afraid to Tell You post yesterday. I think I'll be sharing more later. It was scary to even just proclaim "I'm not perfect!" but there are way more weird things that I could share, haha. Anyway, today is my birthday! I'm now 27 (that's been another thing I don't over-publicize because I get chided for being "a baby" in the blogging and design world).

A few weeks ago I found my 25 before 25 list. I still hadn't crossed off 14 things! And we crossed that 25 bridge a while back now. So I'm giving myself three years to do a new 30 before 30 list - thirty things that I want to do/try/accomplish before my twenties are over. Ten things a year, give or take. Sounds do-able, right? And I'll try to share updates along the way when I cross something off.

Here we go:

1. Take an art class. Maybe painting, watercolors, or pottery (I used to love throwing on the wheel but haven't done it for 9 years!)

2. Write (and finish!) a short story.

3. Get a massage (I've never had one, sad.)

4. Splurge on pretty personalized stationary that I can reorder.

5. Make an actual livable wage from being self-employed.

6. Invest in a real piece of art that I'll have my entire life.

7. Feel comfortable with how I look (this sorta includes an exercise routine and not eating as much cheese).

8. Go to Italy.

9. Go on a U.S. roadtrip with Ryan.

10. Practice meditation.

11. Dance without being self-conscious.

12. Get married.

13. Learn another language.

14. Be ok at a sport (we're starting with zero skill here, people).

15. Have a cleaning schedule for the apartment.

16. Go to an opera and a ballet every year.

17. Keep a journal (I do this anyway, but I want to remain more consistant with it, since it tends to go in fits and spurts).

18. Have a few recipes that I know by heart and can improvise from, especially a roast chicken. I have spaghetti sauce from scratch down, but poultry is a challenge.

19. Have a real savings set aside.

20. Be in a print magazine.

21. Practice living in the moment.

22. Learn a few new songs to sing and figure out how to accompany myself (the main reason I gave up singing about 7 years ago was that singing was my ONLY musical skill, but now my voice is a little rusty too.). Guitar? Piano? Hmm.

23. Stop procrastinating (as much...)

24. Become more comfortable going places by myself.

25. Find a great local charity to volunteer for.

26. Make more time for reading (one of my favorite hobbies).

27. Beat Ryan at putt-putt. Just once!

28. Develop a smart and attractive wardrobe with only pieces I actually wear and feel great about.

29. Stop comparing myself to others.

30. Take more chances.


(The photo is from my Instagram - on Saturday we spent the day doing things I love, like eating Top Pot donuts overlooking the city. It was such a clear day that you could see all the way from the mountains in the east to the mountains in the west, and THE mountain (Mt. Rainier) to the south. We spent time walking the beach on Alki, had lunch and did a bit of antiquing in Georgetown, and had a yummy dinner and drinks with some of my best friends on the back patio of The Innkeeper in Belltown. Pretty much a perfect day!)