4 ways to get your home ready for summer

Summer is JUST around the corner for us in the northern hemisphere, and it's a great time to freshen up the decor in your home. I'm going to leave all the outdoor stuff for another post - this list is friendly for even apartment dwellers with no outdoors to speak of!

1. Change up the color scheme. Add cooler and lighter tones to make your room feel fresh. Let's say you normally have a red and brown color scheme in your living room. You don't need to spend a fortune on replacing everything with light blue and white, but how about swapping out some of the brown accessories for light blue? It will make the red feel fresher and add interesting contrast. If you already have pretty cool tones (say, navy blue and green), you can still lighten it up by bringing in some white accessories like a pillow, tray, or candle holder.

2. Skip the "beachy" knickknacks. I know, it's tempting when summer comes around to bust out seashell and rowboat themed everything, but it can start to look like your home is wearing a costume... in fact, I even urge restraint in legitimate beach houses! You can still get a coastal vibe by adding natural touches like baskets for storage (try replacing leather storage ottomans with rattan ones, for example), adding a jute rug, or maybe some striped pillows that are vaguely reminicent of sailor stripes. Limit the shell knickknacks to three. That includes coral and anything shaped like a crustacean. Trust me.

3. Change out bedding. If you've been kicking off your heavy duvet at night, it might be time to switch to a lighter blanket. Cool crisp sheets will feel great on a warm night. Any kind of dark or formal looking duvet cover that looks elegant in winter can look too fussy for summer - consider a white or light blue pintucked duvet cover or a light colored stripe, or even a bold and bright floral. Just put anything stuffy in storage.

4. Get cool. If you use fans in the summer, make sure they are in working condition and still look nice (add any new ones that may be needed). Make sure your window screens are in place and clean without rips. Are your shades or drapes ready to block out the hot afternoon sun? Upgrade your ceiling fan to something a little more chic. After all, if your home is hot and uncomfortable in the summer, you won't be home to enjoy the decor!

How do you get your decor ready for summer?

Image from HGTV via The Inspired Room.