Time is on my side

Believe it or not, we're quickly approaching our year anniversary of living in the (new) apartment. We talked a little this weekend about whether or not we'd like to stay another year (or try to find something bigger) and the complications of moving had us quickly agreeing to stick out another year at least.

I've been feeling this immense pressure to "finish" the apartment. Of course this pressure is all coming from ME... not only do I want a lovely place to live but I also want to have it photographed and to share it with you how I really envision it (and not just as it is today). But I'm starting to be ok with taking my time. I'm not on a real time crunch. I don't have a deadline. And we aren't working with a budget that allows me to pick up everything I need to finish this place in a weekend. So rushing really only causes me to cut corners and do things "cheaply." And that's not what I want either. That only produces a result that I'm going to want to "fix" as soon as the photographers leave.

Case in point: we've been here almost a full ten months and yet we still don't have rugs in both rooms, I haven't refinished the shelves (that we bought new doors for in preparation about 9 months ago), our gallery wall hasn't extended past the two existing prints we hung up the first week, my curtains still aren't hemmed, I am totally rethinking the whole bar area, we haven't purchased or hung a thing for my kitchen plan, there is no art in the bathroom, we don't have a headboard, and we're still using the window seat cushion from the old apartment that doesn't fit the new window seat. Plus a dozen other things that I've dreamt up.

But I'm getting more and more comfortable with letting things BE. Knowing they won't be that way forever. Not rushing to buy something to fill a corner with a piece that I don't love. It has helped immensely to have my plan in place. At least in the living room, I have a list of projects and items and a pretty clear image of what the space will look like when I'm done. And while a thing or two might change in the meantime, it's keeping me from making rash purchases and wasting money. I'm just moving down the list. Meanwhile, by living with the things we have, I'm learning what needs aren't being met (better organization and storage of entertaining pieces) and what of my plan can be improved on (smaller seating in the living room) or what I was set on but we don't really need (a hallway runner).

So don't expect to see my apartment gracing the digital pages of  Lonny anytime soon, but do know that I'm working on it, and I'll be sharing some of my projects with you as we go along. In fact, we're about due for another video tour, so stay tuned for that!