Long Weekend

Back today after taking advantage of every minute of our long weekend! Did you get anything done around the house? I think we subconsciously adopted the first weekend of summer as our "summer prep". So no BBQ or lake time for us.

Friday night we finally tried Paseo up in Ballard (there is a Fremont location as well but we were worried about finding parking). It's a Caribbean restaurant that's basically a glorified shack on the side of the road near the marina. But long lines means good food. We both had the pork sandwich, dripping with caramelized onions (see above). It was SO good and perfectly greasy and we're definitely going back. Perfect stomach padding for drinks with friends after.

Saturday we headed north to the outlet mall - we were the crazy sane people who were there 30 minutes before it opened in an attempt to avoid the crowds. As it was, we gave up halfway through Banana Repubulic at 2 pm after seeing how long the lines for the dressing rooms AND check-out were. Literally set down the items we were carrying and left. But I think four hours of intense shopping is about our limit anyway. Thanks to gift cards, I only spent $50 out of pocket and got two pairs of shorts, three tee shirts, two cardigans (both J Crew) and a tortoiseshell necklace. Struck out on sandals though - I think I have totally freakish feet because NOTHING fits correctly. So annoying, plus I always get blisters from shoes so I'm trying to be extra careful. Oh well.

Ryan scored too - six new shirts! He's now the proud owner of a chambray shirt, which I still haven't picked up. My boyfriend is so trendy ;) We are a good shopping team - it's easiest in places that carry men's and women's clothes obviously, because Ryan has something to do too. But we usually meet up to show each other what we're trying on. Ryan doesn't have any qualms about telling me what works and what doesn't (and I don't get mad at him cause I'd rather have my suspicions confirmed that the top I'm wearing is not flattering than have him lie). And he has perfectly nice taste in clothes. Once in a while I'll nudge him toward something that's a little more "fashiony" like a cardigan or the chambray shirt and he'll at least try it on. He's the first boyfriend that I haven't felt the need to "dress" so I just let him be him... Star Wars tees and all :)

Sunday we each did our own thing with friends and then Monday we had a lazy morning. Then around noon we just started cleaning everything. We hadn't ever properly tackled spring cleaning so I think this was our attempt to finish up before summer started. We vacuummed, swept, dusted everything (even most of the baseboards!), put things down in storage, cleaned the kitchen, weeded out our closets... All that's left is the bathroom which we try to stay somewhat on top of anyway, so it just needs a good scrub. Felt so nice to wake up in a clean bedroom - well, except for the pile of clothes for Goodwill that Thisbe climbed and knocked over in the middle of the night.

In a way I think the cleaning was our way of avoiding the fact that we no longer have an outdoor space to grill. That was one of our favorite summer activities at the old apartment and this is the first summer in a few years that we haven't had that option. But Ryan made a nice pork roast in the oven and that was good too.

What did you do this weekend? Any big plans now that summer's arrived? I can't wait to share some of the decorating projects we discussed while we were cleaning. You're going to love them!