Color blast with Elizabeth

Today we're in for another treat - my friend Elizabeth (whom I met almost three years ago at a Seattle event via Twitter!) is ready to brighten up your day with some summer color inspiration. She is a multi-talented lady, from graphic design and calligraphy to jewelry making, styling and photography. Be sure to visit her blog - she's been on hiatus but the archives are full of pretty stuff. Maggie only forgot one thing in her Farmer's Market Fashion post... an umbrella! It's been a particularly drizzly June here in Seattle- but we pick up bundles of flowers to brighten up our homes, and we can fruit-punch up our wardrobes with the same vibrant palettes. I've been scouting the Farmer's Market for color inspiration to puddle-jump me into Summer.

If you've been to the mall lately, you know that pants in crazy colors are all the rage. Canary yellow might be too bold for me, but I'm betting that indigo skinnies would look awfully cute tucked into my galoshes.

If you're not ready for neon jeans, try 10 small strokes of color instead. Multi-colored manicures are a fad I can get behind- and not just because I'm the girl who takes 20 minutes to narrow down to one nail polish at the salon (so many choices!). Picking a variety of fruity hues in the same glossy finish keeps this lively look sophisticated. Just the thing to sweeten up the gray days as we wait for Summer!
Images: Jeans from Free People, Floral Photographs by Elizabeth Lockhart, Manicures via Glitter Guide and NY Mag