Our Hawaiian Vacation

I know I promised I'd share some of our vacation here - truth be told I was so focused on relaxing that we don't have a lot of photos of our trip (but I did take some video that I'm still editing together). The photos that are missing are all pool, pool, dinner, pool, reading by the pool, more dinner, etc. We were so lucky to be treated to this trip by Ryan's dad and step-mom (his two younger sisters were on the trip as well) and so grateful they took us along! The night before we left I had a huge stress meltdown about leaving the business for a week (and I hadn't managed to get everything done that I wanted to on top of scheduling posts ahead for the whole week). I still felt anxious about it when we flew out on Saturday but I am SO GLAD I didn't take my computer. My phone was tether enough (and I was able to leave that in the room a lot of the time). Ryan's family was sure that I would bring it and work all week - that's just to show you how badly I needed a vacation! So here we go with some photos:

We stayed at the Westin Resort just north of Lahaina. This is the view from our balcony (one of five pools, if I'm remembering correctly).

Us on the balcony.

This banyan tree is over 2 acres large! That's Ryan texting below it, haha.

The two of us love finding hole-in-the-wall food. This was a (salty!) pork plate at "Local Food" in Lahaina. Yummy.

For the most part I stayed out of the sun. One morning we came down to this beach for breakfast at a restaurant to the right of this picture. While everyone else headed out to check out some rocks, I found a shady spot and got my ONLY photos of the ocean. The colors were gorgeous.

Toes in the sand.

We snapped this picture just before our splurge on sushi date night at Sansei. It was soooo good (we ordered everything we wanted and basically rolled home).

After the water, I think the plants were my favorite part!

We didn't have any great sunsets while we were there (clouds just on the horizon almost every night) but this one was pretty... just not as spectacular as some I've seen on Maui!

It was a great trip and so relaxing (well, until our hectic trip home with a delayed flight and getting home at almost 4 a.m.). And after early bedtimes, early rises, morning swims or walks on the beach and lots of fruit, I'm thinking we may need to incorporate a little more "Aloha Spirit" into our everyday routine :)