Summer List 2012

Now that summer is officially here, I'm ready to jump into some of the activities that I've been dreaming off all winter and spring! We had a great kick-off to our summer with our Hawaii trip, but now that we're back home, it's time to start checking things off our list.

Sadly, some of our summer list from 2010 never happened (um yeah, that extra coffee table is STILL in storage and we moved!) so I'm putting it on you guys to hold us accountable this year. Don't disappoint me! Hehe, just kidding.

Around the Apartment:

1. Finish bookshelf DIY (coming soon to a blog near you)

2. Add shelves to kitchen cupboard

3. Refinish dining chairs

4. Hopefully buy new rug for living room

Just for FUN:

1. Go camping on our own and with a group

2. Make ice cream

3. Eat popsicles

4. Go to the beach (and more than just once)

5. Paddleboat on Greenlake

6. Go to the King Tut exhibit at the Science Center (I am a HUGE Egypt nerd)

7. Go to the arboreteum

8. Picnic

9. Day trip or two - Suggestions?

10. Horse races (I finally have a hat to wear!)

11. Mariniers game and Sounders game (wait, is soccer happening right now? No clue.)

12. Sidewalk hotdog with caramelized onions


What's on YOUR summer list?

Image from last summer's soccer game, taken with my iPhone before Instagram.