600 square foot wonder

I hope everyone had a good Fourth of July! We were pretty low-key for the main event (aka I was in bed with a headache and Ryan played X Box while fireworks went off) but we had a great couple of days to relax. During that time I read the latest House Beautiful (July/August 2012) and I just have to say - if you don't subscribe, go out and get this issue! It was superb. The stories aren't online yet but I just HAD to snap a few crappy photos of my favorite space because my jaw hit the floor. This is the home of Bill Brockschmidt.

The whole place is only 600 square feet and is a lesson in being smart with your space. In that first picture? Not just bookshelves - those are also the stairs to the sleeping loft (there is a photo in the magazine of that but I didn't share it). The kitchen is one of those along one wall, hidden behind those blue doors. The whole living area feels spacious and with generous seating ( note that one giant rug helps everything feel connected). The same acid green (looks yellow in these pics) and turquoise color scheme extends to every corner; he doesn't chop the space into different color zones. And the kitchen? Ikea with decorative paint.

Basically, it's genius. My phone pictures don't do justice, so do yourself and buy a copy (nope, not being endorsed here). This isn't the only good tour in the issue either! Just my absolute favorite. Bravo, House Beautiful.

Design by Brockschmidt & Coleman, Photographs by Simon Watson.