Long and short of it

Now that I'm in my late twenties, every summer has become wedding season. While we only have one more wedding on our schedule this summer (mostly spring weddings this year I guess!), I've been thinking about different outfits. There are so many different kinds of weddings and occasions that it can be intimidating to know what to wear. But for me, it really falls into two camps - long or short.  

wedding attire

For events that are more formal (black tie, an expensive looking invitation, or the known taste of the couple getting hitched), go with a long dress. This is a great chance to go for a bold color with neutral accessories that you'll have and use forever. For more casual events, a short dress works better. In fact, multiple weddings over a summer are exactly what the little black dress was invented for - stay simple on the dress and accessorize with bold shoes and gold.

Personally, I tend to prefer short dresses for weddings, but I'm crossing my fingers for a really fancy wedding next year where I can splurge on a floor skimming silk dress like this yellow one... I mean, when else do we have the chance? Which do you prefer?