Summer in Seattle

Yesterday I worked in the morning then snuck out all afternoon to enjoy the sunshine with Ryan, who had some vacation time. We don't usually have weekdays free to do as we please, so we took advantage and ran to some of the spots that get way too crowded on the weekend. First we swung by University Village, the outdoor mall with most of my favorite shops. At Paper Source, we spotted these cute drinking glasses:


Wouldn't they be darling with iced tea or lemonade out on a patio? Easy to remember which is yours too!

After a few other stops there we headed to Ballard to pick up a late lunch to-go and take it to the beach. Our new favorite spot is roadside Paseo for Caribbean roast pork sandwiches. Plus the outside is a fun pink and turquoise...



The beach is only a five minute drive up from Paseo so we waited until we got settled to chow down.



I think it's true that the messier the food, the better it is. Plus, this is a good example of how slow I eat. Haha.

The beach at Golden Gardens was beautiful, the perfect temperature, and lots of people were enjoying the water (it wasn't TOO crowded but it made me glad we didn't try to go on a Saturday!). We found a little partial shade grassy spot to just hang out. We didn't even bring our suits, just napped/read/instagrammed.



When we got too hot/bored we headed home and decided to swing by the farmer's market up on top of Queen Anne hill. We usually miss it because Ryan's on his way home and it ends at 7. We had yummy Veraci pizza and Parfait ice cream and bought some zucchini, raspberries, and cherries.



Not bad for a Thursday! Now I'm catching up on some work stuff quickly before we meet Ryan's family that's visiting from out of town. Oh summer, always keeping us going!