Cooking: Zucchini Bites

Don't you just love the blog world? I followed a link trail that started from Twitter (thanks Jackie for the tip!) and ended up on The Forest Feast (a gorgeous food blog!). After meandering through the archives, I found this yummy recipe for a flat zucchini pastry as an easy and salty/cheesy appetizer. As it turned out, we had a potluck housewarming to go to, so I convinced Ryan to whip them up. The theme was "local food" and we were able to score some perfect zucchini at the farmer's market to highlight! Ours:


It's ridiculously easy (well, for me especially because Ryan did all the hard lifting!) and we got compliments on it all night.

A few tips: We cut way too much zucchini - one small zucchini for each pastry puff sheet seemed to be plenty. We used a French Provence herb mix and it was really yummy. And we tried three kinds of soft cheese and the brie was by far the yummiest. We also tried them both hot and room temperature and they were tasty both ways.

Now here's the recipe!