Shopping West Elm Fall

I got the chance last week to tour our Seattle West Elm store to see all the new pieces from their Fall collection. If you've read this blog for long, you'll know that I'm a huge fan of West Elm (and use it for almost all my decorating clients). I took a bunch (seriously, a LOT) of phone pictures of my favorite pieces. These are all online as well, if you're not in the Seattle area or near a West Elm store.

The Fall collection is all about South Africa - including pieces designed and produced by South African artisans in traditional motifs and styles. I loved that there was a ton of texture and pattern, and for the most part I still think that neutrals are West Elm's strong point, as opposed to when they try to do a lot with color. So some of the pieces didn't "fit" for me, but there was a lot that I liked much more in person than I had online.

Let's get to photos!

Two of my favorite new pieces; the grasscloth covered Parsons (I already have a client who is getting this in the other color!) and the horn lamp.


The new Victor chair was very comfortable and had such great lines. I'd add a great kilim or velvet pillow for the living room, or even use as captain chairs at a grand dining table.



I'm the first to admit that I really disliked ALL of the woven pieces when I saw the collection online. But in person, this piece was amazing! Beautiful color in the wood and a fun take on a mid century shape. If I can figure out how to keep Thisbe's paws from getting stuck, I'll totally be bringing this home (bonus: boyfriend approved).



These dishes are hand painted! The green mugs were my favorite. And I loved the napkins as well (great for mixing with your traditional china).



A great little moment near the front of the store. You could buy this little trio and plop it right into your living room. This coffee table did not wow me online, but it's so pretty in person! Loved the mix with the colorful rug.



Another great mix - this sofa now comes with tufting, and I have to tell you, it looks like a totally different sofa! Plus you can move the different elements around to get different arrangements of the sofa. Pretty cool. Love that little bench.



This felt like the least "West Elm" piece to me, but I think it could look pretty amazing in the right spot. I preferred the dining chair version that came in white.



Wouldn't a cluster of these awesome vases look amazing against a charcoal wall??



Fell in love with this chunky table. The stools were cool too (I'd pull them up to a bar or island).



West Elm always has a great selection of bedding, and this collection was no exception. In fact, if we hadn't already bought bedding for the Bachelor Pad Project, I would have snapped this up, throw pillow included.



Calling all expectant mommas! This soft chair is a glider. When was the last time you saw a cute (not horrible and ugly) glider for under $1000? Answer: never until now (this one is $799 but you'd have no trouble sneaking it into your living room after the kiddo gets a little older).



The grasscloth Parsons collection also had mirrors. Amazing texture.



And the little side tables (this is the finish I chose for my client). I'd love to use these as bedside tables in a room with John Robshaw bedding and a rattan peacock headboard... daydreaming now.



Had to run back and get a picture of these kitchen island pieces. Seriously drool worthy.



And these subtle but lovely dishes. A big salad bowl would make a nice addition to my serving arsenal.



I loved this moment as well - in fact, I'm also using these floor pillows for a client (same one, different room). And how long have I been wanting that mirrored table (bottom) for our bathroom? Too long.



But what I did get was this great mug that has now held my morning coffee almost every day in the last week (as a gift from the team for taking the tour - what can I say, I take payment in dishware). A big thanks to my tour guides Joshua, Megan, and Julia!



See anything you loved? What do you think of my picks? Will you be picking up anything??