Draw the line


Have I told you about my new favorite blog, Savvy Home? Head over there (after reading this of course!) for lots of great interiors. She shared photos of a fabulous showcase house in Atlanta a few months ago - you'd probably recognize some of the photos from the tour (if magenta built-ins ring a bell, that's it). But one photo that stuck out to me hasn't gotten a lot of press or pins, and I wanted to share!

The above guest room is by Holt Interiors. On first glance it seemed somewhat predictable. But it deserves a second look. First of all, I love that it's not a an overly feminine or masculine room - it strikes a really great balance with strong masculine lines but delicate antiques and thin lines. Speaking of lines, the way the corner trim (paint? ribbon?) mimics and enhances the lines of the canopy is INGENIOUS. That's what really grabbed my eye at first. The other little detail I noticed was the collection of wooden boxes, I'm assuming antique. A guest room is a great place to display a collection like that (just make sure to dust regularly).

What do you think?

Photo via Savvy Home, by Holt Interiors and from The Cathedral Antiques Show and Tour of Homes.