This is kind of a busy week for me, tweaking some designs for one client and powering through to present another to an e-design client, so posting may be spotty at best. BUT I had to share when I saw this console table because I can't stop thinking about it.


Gah! It's pretty amazing, no? It's what I think of as a "showstopper" piece.  The one that people stop to comment on. Showstoppers can be tricky though. Kelly Wearstler can fill a room with ONLY showstopper pieces and pull it off. But for the rest of us, one will suffice as long as the supporting characters (other furniture) actually support it. Meaning, they have to be great on their own to support one or two AMAZING pieces without getting overshadowed. Because an amazing piece can look quickly out of place in a sea of mediocrity.

This is what I think would be a great supporting piece for this table - a chair from Anthro:

A classic shape but with a stand-out fabric (but ikat is familiar enough at this point that it doesn't take center stage next to the table). Plus, adding a warm color tones down any lingering coolness or minimalism that the table exudes.

Ok, enough rambling from me and back to work! Have a great week, my dears, and I'll pop in when I can!