New video tour and 900 posts!

As serendipity will have it, this is not only the one year anniversary of us moving into our new (er, not so new!) apartment, it's also my 900th post! And since I shared my first ever "vlog" as my 700th post when we first moved in, I thought it was fitting to shoot a new version that shares all our updates.

We still have a lot of work to do on our place, but it's feeling more and more like home. And we signed a new lease so we'll be here for at least one more year. Lots of time, right? After all, look how much progress we've made since this last video (from October of last year!).

Enough jabbering, here's the new tour. (Sorry if the motion makes you nauseous - you've been warned!).

Uptown Apartment Tour #3 from Maggie Morgan on Vimeo.

What did you think? Did you keep noticing that pieces have moved around? For the next tour we'll have to have a "spot the Delta lamp" competition Where's-Waldo style.

And hey, thanks for sticking around for 900 (!) posts. We'll have to do something fun for post #1000, right? Taking suggestions...