Custom house paintings

Now that we've been in our place for a full year, I've been thinking about having a little memento made to capture our time here. We have a tiny 5 inch square painting of our first home together and wouldn't it be a sweet tradition to get one made for each place we live (at least for an extended period of time)? I headed to Etsy just to see how much that might cost, and was pleasantly surprised to find many options! Basically you send them a picture (or several) of your home and they'll paint it - some will even add embellishments like your pet on the front stoop. You can spend hundreds of dollars of course, but I'm thinking the $100 and under set is more in our range. Wouldn't this also make a great gift?

Here are some examples at $100 and under:


Which is your favorite? I kind of like the slightly abstract watercolor one. And doesn't the cartoon-y one remind you of Madeline? I can't wait to order one for our gallery wall!

From here, here, here, here, here, and here.