Malia's 4 hour transformation

Did you know that I offer hourly local consultations? I do - and while a lot can happen in a two hour consult (my minimum), the sweet spot seems to happen around the four hour mark. It's enough time to run out to some stores together and rearrange the purchases in your home. Sure, it doesn't include big furniture purchases (unless I recommend something for you to order on your own time), but it's great for giving a facelift to a place with good bones.

I wanted to showcase this service, and Malia's condo was the perfect example. The "before" was perfectly fine, just a little beige and boring. It was also lacking adequete lighting, even though the only windows in the main living space at at one end of the unit (overlooking an amazing panoramic view of Lake Union, I might add!). Armed with her preferred color palette (seaglass blues and greens), some measurements, and a budget of about $400, we headed up to the Alderwood Mall area to make the most of the proximation of budget-friendly stores - Target, HomeGoods, World Market, and Pottery Barn.

But first, here are the "befores" for comparison's sake:

And the "afters":


My photography skills are lacking, but I think you'll be able to see the difference these simple changes made. I asked Malia to share a few thoughts with you and she sent me the sweetest email! Here is just a brief quote:

Working with you was a real pleasure and I had a lot of fun, key to the whole experience, I think! By presenting me with options, and reading my reaction, you were able to hone in on preferences that were sub-conscious on my part. I felt like you really listened and helped guide me to choices that fit my personality and personal style, but also worked well in the space. We never would have been so bold to have chosen those lamps for ourselves. We wouldn't have thought of putting lamps there, period. They were the items about which I felt the most uncertainty and now I see that out of all of the additions, they are the ones making the most impact.


I'm so happy that Malia and her boyfriend love the changes (and stay tuned for some further updates, as they've decided to bring me back for help re-covering the red wingback and some other additions).

A four hour appointment with me is currently $200 (plus mileage if applicable). If you're in the Seattle area and want to schedule a consultation, I'd love to hear from you!