To trend or not to trend

The primary benefit of the vast blogging world is an endless source of inspiration - new ideas, new ways to do things, new products. But there's also the risk of over-saturation on a particular trend. In many ways, I think blogs and sites like pinterest make us speed through trends much faster than we would naturally! That goes for both interiors and fashion.

As a design professional, I obviously am around trendy items a LOT as I research ideas for clients and for this blog. So it makes sense that I tire of trends quicker than my clients do. Luckily, it also means I have a front-row seat to the decline of trends... so I'll steer a client away from something that will be tired by the end of the year because everyone they know will have it too. But some "trends" are actually classic items. And hey, if you LOVE something, who cares if it's trendy? As long as you buy quality, your "trendy" item may be with you and loved for many years to come.

So what do I think are trends that need to be retired? I'm so glad you asked ;)

1. Chevron: This is, in many ways, a classic motif. But it is everywhere. EVERYWHERE. I won't recommend this to clients right now. But in ten years, sure. If you're looking for a fresher take on chevron, try flamestich.

2. Neon: Granted, I never hopped on the neon bandwagon (ok, ok, I have a hot pink belt). But this looks like a year-long trend... definitely not something you want to base your room on. Accessorize with caution!

3. Painted stripes on the wall: This is not a black and white condemnation (pun intended) - about 30% of the time I like this trend. Using an unusual color (say, lavender) or sticking with vertical stripes instead of wide horizontal stripes feels a little fresher. But it's starting to feel a little expected, especially in kid rooms. Again, if you LOVE it, who am I to snatch that paintbrush from your hand? But I'm ready to see something a little more original.

4. The Hermes "H" Blanket: Seen in every single styled shoot for the past two years. We get it. You're rich.


But there are "trends" that I don't think are going anywhere (and I don't want them to!):

1. Striped rugs: This is a grounding look and adds a contemporary touch without being obtrusive. I especially like more narrow stripes (3 inch stripes instead of 6 inches) and colors other than black and white.

2. Moroccan touches: Poufs, tile, patterned rugs... I don't think the Moroccan influence is waning at all. And why should it? These are motifs that have been around for thousands of years! I'm sure in a year or two the poufs will start to annoy me (but I'll probably buy one in the meanwhile anyway).

3. "Tribal" rugs - well, the terminology can go, but I'm still loving Turkish, Afghan, South and Central American, and Native American rugs. But then, I grew up with these kinds of rugs so they seem more nostalgic than trendy. They go with everything! Buy vintage or antique - worn looks better.

4. Mid Century Modern: While getting stuck in a rut of feeling like ALL your furniture need to be MCM is not a good look, you can't deny the versatile and elegant simplicity of these pieces. I don't advocate buying a whole room of MCM, but I definitely think an awesome piece or two can add history to your home without throwing off the balance too much.


What about you? Am I off the mark? What trends are you ready to kiss buh-bye? What are you still clinging to?

Photo is Ione Skye's bedroom seen in "Domino" (at least 3.5 years ago and still looking fresh!).