Surprise source

I was at Home Depot last week, picking up paint for the Bachelor Pad project (did you see my sneak peek here?). While I was waiting for them to mix it, I had some time to look around and wandered into the lighting department. I was impressed by some of the selection. Sure, there are still the plain old boob lights, outdoor sconces and bad bathroom lighting, but there were some gems too (and at really good prices!). I snapped a few (low quality) phone pictures...

This little guy was one of my favorites - at a killer price (there was a floor lamp version too):


I think this would look so sweet in a small entry (perfect for low ceilings), a powder room, or even a little girl's nursery!


The pendants were knocking it out of the park. These were all under $120 (some WAY under!). I liked the glass one at the top far right, the little brass guy in the back on the left, both industrial (black and white metal), the black cone in the bottom left (spray the inside gold!), and the front and center glass one.


Another angle... I'd take the clear seeded glass up near the top, the schoolhouse one in the middle, the black saucer one up front, and the glass one in the bottom left.


And this little desk light had me dreaming up all kinds of homes for it (bedside lamps even!)...


Did you know Home Depot had so many great lighting options? Or if you've stumbled across a great surprise source, please share in the comments!